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iPhone Care Pro 2.3

iPhone Care Pro 2.3
Clean, repair and manage your iOS devices

Tenorshare's iPhone Care Pro is a comprehensive tool for cleaning, repairing and generally managing all your iOS devices: iPhones, iPads and iPods, with all versions of iOS.

A File Manager helps organise your contacts, calendar, bookmarks, notes, videos, music, photos and apps. You're able to add items to your iOS device, find and delete duplicate items, and transfer files back to your PC.

If you just need to back up your device then iPhone Care Pro can handle that, too. There's no need to have iTunes installed - the program works just fine on its own - but if you do, iPhone Care Pro should find and list your existing iTunes backups, and allow you to restore any of them.

"Fix" and "Repair" modules take the suite even further, with tools to resolve more serious problems. Whether your iOS device is frozen, in a reboot look, stuck on Recovery or DFU mode, maybe the Home or Power button doesn't work, iPhone Care Pro can often fix the issue with a click. It's even possible to repair major iOS damage by downloading firmware, no jailbreak required, and - maybe - no data loss.

IPhone Care Pro also supports a range of ways to optimise your iDevice and keep it running smoothly, from cleaning up junk files to blocking and removing ads in many popular apps.

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